The flexible schedule at Quba Islamic School allows time to include Qurʼan and the Arabic Language in the basic education program. Aside from Islamic classes, Islamic concepts have been integrated into the various subjects such as science, social studies and arts. The comprehensive Islamic curriculum includes Arabic Language, Qurʼanic recitation and memorization, teaching of Ahadith (explanation and memorization) and general Islamic manners: such as respecting parents and elders, being kind to others, as well as behaving well. Our dedicated staff includes teachers with many years of experience and some have proficiency in Arabic. In this way, the kids learn proper pronunciation of the Qurʼan and the Arabic Language. Our Quran program focuses on the recitation the first few years to ensure Quranic reading fluency. Memorization is also implemented with curriculum is aligned with the National Standard for Teaching Foreign Language and the proficiency guidlines set by ACTFL (American Council for Teaching Foreign Language) which is an activity based curriculum that takes the student-centered learning approach and groups students based on competency level. This ensures that students learn the language in a progressive manner.