For those parents who need to pick up their children later or who would just like help with their children’s homework, an extra session is offered from 3:15 PM -5:30 PM. This allows for students to finish their homework and focus on subjects in which they may require extra help.


Retreats are scheduled in order to bring families together for fun and quality time. Some retreats provide setting for educational workshops while others are offered to just give a break from the hectic schedule of daily life. The camps are held in the local mountains. The camps are being for several years now and children as well as their parents enjoy attending.


Lectures are conducted for the community on topics such as parenting, dealing with cultural conflicts, Islamic History, Muslim contributors in Science and Technology, pursuit of Islamic education, etc. These mini lectures give a chance for Muslims to have ongoing education and practical advice on various topics.


These activities allow Muslim boys and girls to develop athletic skills and learn the essentials of good teamwork. They also learn how to compete in a healthy fashion while remaining focused on teamwork, respect and the art of winning with humility and losing with grace.